woman jumped on stage STARK NAKED during the Keys N Krates show

Keys N’ Krates Streaker | Tampa 2015

Footage of a woman jumping on stage naked at an EDM show in Tampa has emerged. The woman jumped on stage stark naked during the Keys N Krates show, before evading the security and jumping on the DJs back.

Keys N Krates were obviously impressed by the daring woman’s on stage antics,
posting this to Twitter:
“And biggup that completely naked chick for jumping up on stage on my back while we were playing. Insanity.”

This video is a view from within the crowd not as good as the first one but still worth watching..

Would you do anything as crazy as this lady? If I was to meet my inspiration I would love to do something that they would always remember but unsure if I could run on stage naked !

watch on Vine

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