Be Aware of Bogus and Hoax Phone Calls



Date 26/11/2014
Time of call 9:09 am

As I returned from taking my children to school, the home phone was ringing, (I usually let it ring and let it go to answer machine ) but this morning I was expecting calls, So I answered it, the caller had an Indian accent and the call goes like this ;

Me – hello
Caller – good morning, I’m from technical support,
Me – ok
Caller – I’m phoning regarding your computer,
Me – which one ?
Caller – I’m from technical support and I’m phoning about your computer
Me – excellent –
Caller hangs up

I then dialled 1471 and the phone number was 002023 being a strange number I done a number check and found it people that are calling and claiming they are from Microsoft and trying to scam you !

These are just a couple of other people that have had the same call and has been happening over a few years ;

6 Aug 2012
several calls from this number over the past few weeks. I don’t answer it now – thnks to caller display I know not to! Similar situation to 002002. Nothing worse than dozing off in the chair and these bar-stewards call. Aaarrrgh !!!!
Caller: unknown

4 Sep 2014
Caller display on my phone is too dim to see before answering …
002023 came up from 1471 after a “scam ” call from a James Martin with a very Indian accent.
The scam was the familiar one about Microsoft Windows reporting problems that they want to help with.
My computer is a Mac and doesn’t have Windows installed.
He didn’t like being called a liar and a scammer. Did at least know enough to claim that there must have been a mistake in transmitting the information to them – I usually get told that I don’t understand!
Got off the line pretty quick when I threatened him with the law…

If you get a call like this get in touch with and report it

Please share this post to make sure nobody gets Scammed by these frauds .

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